Tyler Angert

I make tools for creativity, learning, and productivity. I think a lot about self-expression, communication, operating systems, and browsers.


I’m not actively looking for new work but reach out if you wanna chat or you’re building something cool: find me on X / tyler [at] angert [dot] com

Thanks for stopping by the cafe ☕️


Workspace Legos: Building Blocks for Your New Computer youtube ↗ Cellular Automata and Cell-Based Simulations youtube ↗ Genuary Live Coding: Replit x Processing Foundation youtube ↗ Cognitive Revolution E50: The Future of Software Development youtube ↗


Spellburst: A Node-based Interface for Exploratory Creative Coding with Natural Language Prompts arxiv ↗ Multiplayer Debugger: US Patent No. 20230342285 uspto ↗

Other Projects

Watchfaces.World: A digital jewelery collection watchfaces ↗ Freezeframe: Refrigerate your workspace twitter ↗ Neighborhood: Environment for making cellular automata twitter ↗ Magnetic AR: Visualizing Magnetic Fields in AR for Physics Education (2019) archive ↗


Notes on graphics programming and version control Foundational skills: Broadly applicable skills for digital creation Fluid layout customization with Splits replit ↗ My dream creative tool A Tale of Two Tabs replit ↗ Dense happiness Solidity on Replit: Diving into Web3 replit ↗ Information forest: What should the browser of the 2020s be? CLUI: Building a graphical command line replit ↗


streams are my stream of consciousness, brain-dump writing that look like text messages. they're meant to be read more casually

purism is ego the mechanics of work: are you talky talky or clicky clicky? having a good time is good enough internet research tools apps are hard to build idea traffic what i care about stream 1