Tyler Angert

I design at Replit.

I’m usually thinking about:

I’m also a member of Vector DAO and Verses.


Feel free to connect with me through 🐥 twitter or tyler [at] angert [dot] com

Thanks for stopping by the cafe ☕️

Recent projects

Watchfaces.World: A digital jewelery collection Freezeframe: Refrigerate your workspace Neighborhood: Environment for making cellular automata Miscellaneous experiments: random stuff I post on twitter


Workspace Legos: Building Blocks for Your New Computer


Streams are my stream of consciousness, brain-dump writing that look like text messages. They're meant to be read more casually

having a good time is good enough apps are hard to build idea traffic internet research tools the mechanics of work: are you talky talky or clicky clicky? stream 1 what i care about


Foundational skills: Broadly applicable skills for digital creation my dream creative tool Dense happiness Solidity on Replit: Diving into Web3 Information forest: What should the browser of the 2020s be? CLUI: Building a graphical command line