Tyler Angert

I design at Replit. My work revolves around creative tools, human and machine learning, operating systems, browsers, and crypto.


I’ve also done some work with Vector DAO and Verses. You can reach out through twitter or email me at firstname [at] lastname [dot] com

Thanks for stopping by the cafe ☕️

Other Projects

Spellburst: A Node-based Interface for Exploratory Creative Coding with Natural Language Prompts arxiv ↗ Watchfaces.World: A digital jewelery collection watchfaces ↗ Freezeframe: Refrigerate your workspace twitter ↗ Neighborhood: Environment for making cellular automata twitter ↗


Workspace Legos: Building Blocks for Your New Computer youtube ↗ Cellular Automata and Cell-Based Simulations youtube ↗ Genuary Live Coding: Replit x Processing Foundation youtube ↗ Cognitive Revolution E50: The Future of Software Development youtube ↗


Notes on graphics programming and version control Foundational skills: Broadly applicable skills for digital creation Fluid layout customization with Splits replit ↗ My dream creative tool A Tale of Two Tabs replit ↗ Dense happiness Solidity on Replit: Diving into Web3 replit ↗ Information forest: What should the browser of the 2020s be? CLUI: Building a graphical command line replit ↗


streams are my stream of consciousness, brain-dump writing that look like text messages. they're meant to be read more casually

purism is ego the mechanics of work: are you talky talky or clicky clicky? having a good time is good enough internet research tools apps are hard to build idea traffic what i care about stream 1