stream 1

stream 1. a metastream!

its meant to read more casually, like we’re talking

and honestly this is also an exercise for me to just write more and get it out without thinking too much about editing.

i also included a way to switch sides just by going between ordered and unordered lists (since this is all markdown)

and in a way its a good method of self reflection bc i have to think about it from the perspective of the sender or the receiver so i think thats cool

i previously thought ab a journaling app where the whole idea was looking like texts bc i do so much of my best thinking just texting people

but at first it looked a little weird. we’ll see if i keep it

switching back to the “other side” feels interesting and is definitely distinct from standard free form writing that might happen in a notes app or something. i like it

till next time :)

edit: i now refactored this to be based on <p> and <blockquote> elements, so i can just type normal paragraphs and use the > character to make messages go on the right side. neat! hats off to ben for the idea