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apps are hard to build

apps are really hard to build

the main thing im thinking about is you need to learn how to model your app state and data, but then you have to learn all this nonsense around it

so many different tools, libraries, etc. even if you wanna make a todo app! its like, heres how you store todos. this is how you model a single todo. this is how you add them, remove them. oh, but want them to be saved for ever? now you learn about databases

why cant i just click save?

not to mention the mental model for designing app state locally (in react apps, for example) is really different from how ur taught about relational databases (and spreadsheets/tables are a much simpler way of imagining and thinking about complex data)

luckily some smart people are on this already, but its kinda embarassing how complex just “saving state for later” is and this ecosystem has been maturing for > 10 years

its simple. i want to model my data like a bunch of tables / a spreadsheet. i want to add rows to the spreadsheet, delete them, etc, and then render them in my react app. everything should be instant. if the connection to the db fails, it should automatically fallback to local storage. the DB should be inspectable– most liekly a sqlite file. will probably prototype this on replit