idea traffic

Written on my phone and with replit mobile

When I get an idea it feels like smth that needs to get out of my brain

It’s like there’s a bunch of thoughts competing for space or room at the front of my head and I am constantly doing extra calculus to figure out how to pick which one

They’re all little cars driving out on my head and I need to write or draw or talk about it so that I can actually stop thinking about it

Obviously a lot of people say “get it out on paper” and talk about writing as a cathartic kinda creative activity, but it’s also a way to manage anxiety and attention

In many ways adhd is very useful because it can force you to make these nebulous intrusive thoughts into something you can look at and share

But I neeeeeeeed to just chill sometimes

writing this was an example of something at the front of my head that i needed to write about to stop thinking about it